Ted Baker Winter Coat

Ted Baker Winter Jacket

It's definitely getting colder, sadly the shorts and t-shirts have gone away for another year. The jumpers are certainly back out! I've been thinking about a new winter coat for a while. On our trip back from our stay at the Hotel Indigo Bath we stopped at Ted Baker Bicester village it provided a great opportunity to get a coat, at a great price.

I've been eyeing up and trying on a number of Ted Baker coats every time I been in the store. If you read my posts on here you'll know what a Ted Baker fan I am and I really loved some of the styling of the Ted Baker Winter Coats that they had on offer. Of all the ones in store this was my favourite. Classic but modern look. Nice and warm as well - key for a winter coat!

Ted Baker Winter Coat

The first wear

The jacket had its first outing at a recent event at Ely Cathedral. My father was being presented with an award for services to the local community (which I was really proud of) and the dress code was smart! Ely Cathedral being like most big churches isn't warm. This coat is lovely and warm so I thought a prime opportunity for me to give it it's first outing.

I paired the coat with the Ted Baker suit that I had purchased earlier in the year. The two outfits go great together and the coat really looks smart when paired with the suit.

What I like about the Ted Baker winter coat the most is that it is a jacket in it's own right. I know that sounds odd. Some coats are obviously coats but this one could be worn rather than a suit jacket. It's got a modern straight cut and a big collar - great for stopping some of the drafts in big churches!

Ted Baker Winter Coat
Ted Baker Winter Coat
Ted Baker Winter Coat Detail


Some of the small details on the coat are just lovely. From the Ted Baker branding on the buttons, features around the cuffs and then of course the tale tale lining pattern. This is definitely one of the trade marks that I love about the items of clothing from their ranges. It's all those smaller details that set it up with that bit of quality.

Its not just though for smarter wear though. I've worn it out with jumper and jeans/trainers and it looks great here as well. So for sure it's going to get lots of use in the coming weeks and months.

Sadly though I don't think it's going to get much use out at work events, My one day trip to Germany looks as though that's my last trip this year as we've been told we are working from home for the rest of the year now.

Hopefully we'll be out of this next year and I'll be able to be back travelling... otherwise the travelling salesman website is going to need a rebrand!

Stay safe in these times!


Ted Baker Winter Coat
Ted Baker Winter Coat


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