Always on The Road: Master The Art Of Good Sleep

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Always on The Road: Master The Art Of Good Sleep

Do you struggle to master the art of good sleep when travelling? Being on the road in a post-pandemic environment is no easy task. It is exhausting, especially if you’re still carrying the consequences of lockdown stress. Lockdown has affected sleep quality for many Britons who reported being too anxious to have a restful sleep. So, you need to develop new and effective strategies that will help you rest at night when you’re not at home.

Ultimately, sleep deprivation affects your cognitive abilities, your focus, and your skin. As a salesman, your ability to relate to your customers, react to their concerns and queries in real-time is crucial to your success. Yet, if you struggle to think clearly or concentrate during the face-to-face meeting, you’re potentially wasting an opportunity to close a deal. Additionally, your facial expressions can also convey a sales-positive message. Dry, tired and inflamed skin from lack of sleep is likely to play against you. 

Check photos of your hotel before booking

As tempting as it is to book the closest spot to your meeting venue, it’s worth checking the reviews and photos of the hotels in the surrounding areas. Why does it matter? 

A hotel in a noisy location will affect your sleep quality. Most reviewers are quick to comment on noise levels from the local streets or even from neighbour rooms. Both these are red flags that will undoubtedly steal your sleep. 

Photos also provide valuable information about the quality and cleanliness of the room. Quality bedding such as Richard Haworth supplies which are typically found in luxury chains may be a little too much to ask for in a small town. However, you want a bed that appears to be comfortable and bedding fabrics that will not make you sweat at night. 

Don’t stress over digital security

Digital devices are essential when you’re on the go. But they are also the most common reason for your late nights. If you are travelling to meet a client, you might spend the night reviewing your presentation. But did you know that inadequate cybersecurity protection could ruin the presentation altogether? Indeed, some hotels have a free and public WiFi system, which essentially gives access to your data to anybody. You want to set up a VPN profile that will act as a protective shield wherever you are. The VPN network can protect the confidential presentation from getting exposed and keep unwanted intrusions at bay. Because, let’s face it, the last thing you want is to spend the entire night trying to save a contaminated file. 

Healthy meals are a must

After a long day travelling, you’re ready to indulge in a delicious meal. Most salesmen on the go admit that it can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet when travelling. However, your diet could significantly affect your sleep. Indeed, a healthy diet provides your body with all the nutrients it needs to manage functions and processes. Sleep is connected to hormonal activities, as the body releases melatonin to induce the sleep process. A study shows that a deficit in magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A, C, D, E, and K is predominant among individuals who suffer from sleep problems. Deficiencies seem to dramatically affect the hormonal influence on sleep. 

Another common issue is eating a high carb and high sugar meal before going to bed. The digestive process can interfere with your sleeping patterns. Additionally, high carbs also affect the overall resting cycle, harming sleep quality. 

No more Jet Lag

Are you travelling abroad to a different time zone? Changing time zones rapidly confuses your circadian rhythm, which is responsible for arranging day and night patterns. The body doesn’t know when to sleep and is unable to produce melatonin effectively. That is why it can take a few days to get over jet lags and find a new routine. But you can also use medicated melatonin to reduce jet lag effects. Several studies show that when used appropriately, the hormone can help your body adjust more rapidly. 

Cosy in bed

Finally, comfort plays a huge role. You don’t always get the choice in terms of accommodations. So, it can always be helpful to bring a pair of noise-cancelling earplugs, a sleeping mask, and a pair of warm socks for your stay. Indeed, keeping noise and light at bay from your hotel room will help you sleep comfortably. Why the socks? They can help you regulate body temperature at night in a room with a defective A/C unit or heater. 

Poor sleep makes you less successful in your day-to-day role. If you are travelling for work, you want to get ready to tackle what the day throws at you. Poor sleep increases your stress levels, making you more prone to mistakes. It also reduces your ability to drive the conversation and convince your clients. Therefore looking after your sleep quality on the road is a no-brainer. 



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