Travelling Africa?!

Travelling Africa?!

Africa is the birthplace of humankind. But how many of us have already been to Africa? It's always been on my bucket list to go on a Safari! It's about as far away from other places on my bucket list that are ticked off like New York.

The truth is that it is a HUGE continent with a variety of countries and cultures that are worth exploring and discovering. Where did our ancestors come from? It’s an impossible question to answer. While the latest scientific research indicates that modern human life started in South Africa, there is so much more to see in this rich and varied continent. 

If you are ready to take a trip through the history of humanity, Africa needs to be on top of your list. Here are the most important places you want to see: 

Morocco for your mise-en-bouche

Countries in Africa don’t compare to our European customs. Therefore, if you want to avoid a culture shock, it’s best to start your tour of Africa with a destination that introduces some African cultures and traditions that you may be familiar with. Morocco is the perfect spot to rediscover favourites in situ. If you’re a fan of couscous and tagines, you’ll enjoy the real taste of recipes in Marrakesh and Fez. Besides, there’s so much to explore in the historic hearts of the cities – the Medinas – that you’ll feel like travelling through time! Because Morocco has a friendly and welcoming attitude toward tourists, it’s easy to come across common cultural traits and familiar colours and designs that you might have seen in Mediterranean-styled interiors! 

Egypt, head to see the pyramids

There’s an explorer in each of us, so it’s fair to say that the idea of discovering the land of pyramids, Egypt, is exciting. However, if you want to stay on the safe side and don’t miss any of the iconic sites, you should join organised trips and tours to Egypt. These can ensure you the best access to some of the most famous landscapes and monuments in the world. Let your inner archaeologist enjoy the excitement of walking in the footsteps of one of the most advanced civilisations on the planet. 

Egypt Pyramids

Zambia: Central Africa with a rich past

Don’t let warning about Central Africa stop you from visiting this gorgeous region. While there are some countries that should be avoided like Congo & Central African Republic. Others like Zambia in southern Central Africa is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. You can find one of the most impressive wildlife parks in whole Africa, South Luangwa National park. If you prefer natural landscape, head to the Devil’s Pool, by the iconic Victoria Falls. It’s a natural rock swimming pool with breathtaking views. 

Wildlife in Africa

End with South Africa for a landscape change

Last but not least, Botswana in South Africa is a beautiful and mesmerising destination. With plenty of sites to explore, it’s an eye-opening experience to the diversity of nature and the ingenuity of the people and animals who live in it. But what if you want to experience a genuinely revolutionary journey? Well then you should head to the Makgadikgadi!! It's the basin in the northern part of the country, where scientists believe our hunter-gatherer ancestors used to live. 

Are you ready for a tour of the African continent? There is so much to see, explore, and love that it’s impossible to know where to start! But we strongly recommend diving into the diversity of cultures, countries, and sights that the cradle of humanity has to offer. 



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