USA Route 66

Ford Mustang on Route 66 Illinois

In Summer of 2019 we went on an amazing road trip across USA Route 66. When we were trying to get together information we found some places to be useful and some bits completely hopeless! In starting to pull together some of the key Route 66 information I thought that actually providing it all in one easy access place might be the best way to go about it. Hence this page!

I'm putting all the information down here and the links will become available as the posts are written! Please do ask any questions about Route 66. Whilst I'm not an expert and know the in's and outs of the Route a lot can be gained from just talking to people who have done it.

The most important part about USA Route 66 though? Enjoy it. You can't go wrong and you can't fail to have an amazing time. If you miss an old petrol station so be it. Just go and explore and meet the amazing people and experiences on the route.

Route 66 Sign

State by State Guide

Here is a list of blog posts with a state by state guide of Route 66. These are NOT meant to be a comprehensive guide to everything to be done on the route. That's an impossible task. However it's more a hits and a things not to miss guide. If you follow one of the guide books or the app's you'll be taken to multiple different locations, garages, museums, restaurants etc... I'm not going to name all of them or talk about all of them because we didn't have time and it's unlikely everyone will have time to stop at all of them as well. Also given the nature of the route as well things will chop and change and places will shut and others will open. It's meant as a helping hand with the things we enjoyed and wouldn't want to miss again!

Route 66 Logo

Other Route 66 information

Here is a list of other Route 66 information.


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