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Route 66 Hotels

One of the key ingredients of Route 66 is all the classic Hotels you can stay at. Of course there are many of the normal chains like Holiday Inn which you can stay at but that's not really the point to getting the full on Route 66 experience! There are a load of great Route 66 Hotels to stay at and by no means is this a full on comprehensive list but these are the ones that are worth it.

Whilst some people like to just travel Route 66 and stop where they want, these hotels are the popular ones and with that I recommend that you book in advance. They only have a few rooms so it doesn't take much for them to all get booked up!

Blue Swallow Motel

Town: Tucumcari
State: New Mexico
Cost: $80 a night

The Blue Swallow sums up what for me Route 66 hotels should be all about. Owners who care not only about the history of the hotel, but care about the route, want you to have a great time and want to give you all the tips and tricks they can. Added to that the rooms are just lovely and decorated as you might have found them all the years ago.

The Blue Swallow has been beautifully restored and bought up to modern standards, but still with the twist of history and a nod to the past. The rooms are of course clean and tidy. You can park your car next door to the room in the little garage spot! It's been entertaining visitors since 1939 and the present owners Nancy and Kevin spare no expense and making the hotel all about the experience.

Tucumcari has a number of restaurants and the team at the hotel arranged for us to be transported up to the Mexican in the town where the food was excellent.

Can't recommend enough!


Route 66 Hotel Blue Swallow
Route 66 Hotel Boots Court Hotel

Boots Court Motel

Town: Carthage
State: Missouri
Cost: $75 a night

The Boots Court - Motel was built in 1939 by Arthur Boots, and still carries his name today. The "Motel" was saved from demolition by two sisters who are presently restoring the property to the way it was in 1949, and with the five rooms in the detached annex being completed and opened-for-business in 2012, this famous Art Deco-Streamline Modern building is currently listed by Trip as the "Best Motel in Carthage"!

Sadly due to the corona Virus the sisters who are restoring the property have decided to put it on the market - but until they find a seller they are continuing to keep it open!

The welcome from Debbie who lives and works in the property was just great. She's so full of information about the area and also Route 66. The rooms are nice and clean, full of bit's of history. There are a couple of great restaurants around Carthage - and the breakfast just down the road at the local cafe is well worth it!


Wigwam Motel

Town: Holbrook
State: Arizona
Cost: $85 a night

This Wigwam Village was built in 1950. There is one in California - but we didn't stay there and reports say it's not as nice as the Holbrook one.

The motel is arranged as a square, with 15 concrete and steel wigwams on three sides and the main office on the fourth, flanked by two smaller sized wigwams; there was also originally a gas station on the complex. The individual units are called "wigwams," not "rooms" or "tepees" or "cabins."  Behind the main room of each unit is a small bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. Current rooms contain the original restored hickory furniture, two double beds, cable TV and a window-mounted air conditioner. In keeping with the authenticity of the restoration, there are no telephones, Internet access or ice machine. Vintage restored automobiles from the 1960s and earlier are located throughout the parking area.

The rooms here aren't as nice as the Blue Swallow and Boots Court, certainly not poor standard though! However how many times can you say you've slept in a Wigwam - that's why it's a must!


Route 66 Wigwam Hotel
Route 66 Conference Centre

The Route 66 Hotel and Conference Centre

Town: Springfield
State: Illinois
Cost: $70 a night

The Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center is locally owned and operated in the heart of Springfield, Illinois on the historic Route 66 only hours from Chicago and St. Louis. The facility features a unique “mini museum” with an array of vehicles, signs and articles from the recent past for an authentic Route 66 experience. The hotel was the first Holiday Inn on the Route 66 and opened in the 1950s.

Whilst it doesn't have the old world feel that some of the others on this page, it's still a clean, tidy location to stay in plus you get the historical aspect which adorns the foyers.

We didn't stay long enough to use it - but there is a nice swimming pool to be used as well. There are plenty of chain facilities around the area as well for food and drink in the evening.


Wagon Wheel Cuba

Town: Cuba
State: Missouri
Cost: $100 a night

One of the oldest motels on US Route 66, the Wagon Wheel Cabins consisted in 1938 of three stone lodging buildings. Set back from the road, these originally provided a few rooms each plus an office and garages for motorcar storage. This was at a time when cabins or cottages in most tourist courts were simple single-room structures. The restaurant, filling station and signage were located at roadside.

The Wagon Wheel Motel, as the oldest continuously operating motel on US 66, celebrated its 75th anniversary on August 20–21, 2011.

With a variety of different rooms and prices this is a great place to stay if you don't want to stay in St Louis.

Route 66 Wagon Wheel Motel
Route 66 Big Texan Motel

The Big Texan Motel

Town: Amarillo
State: Texas
Cost: $90 a night

The 54-unit motel is conveniently located adjacent to the Big Texan Steak Ranch!

Designed to resemble a main street in an old west town, the Big Texan Motel combines the comforts and conveniences of today with the ambiance and decor of the late 1800s.

All rooms are equipped with basic cable and HBO and most of the rooms offer two queen-size beds. There’s plenty of room-side parking available at the Motel. All the rooms have a "western" theme and are decorated in that style.

Being next to the Big Texan you have great evening entertainment on hand with fantastic food, drink and lots of things to do!



Route 66 Hotels

There are lots of great motels to stay at during your Route 66 journey. These are the ones that I recommend as good ones - but plenty of others have great reviews.

There are lots of other tips and tricks you can find on the blog about Route 66 here!

What are your favourite Route 66 hotels - do leave a comment below!



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