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Canada Flag With Mountain Range View

Travelling is something everyone loves to do. I love it you can read about some of my other posts like my Route 66 tips to see how much I love it! Although it may be a while until your next trip abroad given the Corona situation, it is never too early to start the planning process now. Getting prepared is something that's fun, especially because it reduces the stress and anxiety when you take your trip. If you have always wanted to visit Canada no matter what the weather is, you will get to visit the stunning scenery and try some famous maple syrup! Here is a couple of things you need to know before Travelling to Canada for your holidays!

You Will Need a Visa

An Electronic Travel Authorisation Visa, or an ETA Visa is fundamental for your trip to Canada. Unfortunately a lot of tourists forget to apply for their eta visa canada in plenty of time before their trip, so their travel plans are delayed. Although this is a fairly new requirement for entry into the country, it is important nonetheless. If you’re American, this doesn’t count for you, but make sure you check with the local authority before ruling it out. The entire process is very simple and you can do everything online. All you need is a few details and you will be able to acquire your visa for as little as $7. This really is worth looking into sooner rather than later so you aren’t left in the lurch as your trip edges closer.

Be Prepared To Travel Once You Arrive

No matter what your current travel plans are, you should definitely be prepared to experience to travel in the country itself. Don't stick to one location. Try to be realistic and plan out your trip on a map before you set your ideas in stone. It’s going to be pretty tricky to see the whole of Canada during one trip. Getting from one city to the next involves lengthy travel times; you don’t want to rush through all the places you want to see. Write down all of the main cities or regions you’d love to go to and make sure they fit in time-wise with your trip.

You’re Going to Discover the Best Coffee Shop Ever!

If you haven’t already heard of Tim Hortons, you are absolutely going to love it during your trip to Canada. You will soon realise that every single town in Canada has a Tim Hortons within it, no matter how low the population is! It sells delicious coffee, fresh donuts and great sandwiches; it really is the perfect place to stop when you need to refuel during your trip. Not only is it relatively cheap, but it has everything you need if you want to stop for lunch or a quick beverage before you hit the road again.

So when the time comes for you to enjoy the trip of a lifetime to Canada, you will feel completely prepared in every sense. Whether you’re organising your ETA Visa or planning out your activities, there is so much to figure out before you jet off on a memorable trip Travelling to Canada.



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