Riffle Radio

Riffle Radio

This Corona Virus shut down has been tough at times. I've been trying to keep content on the blog going and I've started my mammoth Route 66 post.  But at the same time it's allow some cool things to happen which in a normal situation wouldn't normally. One of those things which happened this week was for me to record a Mixcloud recording on Riffle Radio show . Riffle Radio is run by the lovely Ruari Cormack who took my old job when I moved onto a new company.

The premise of the show is to pick 9 tracks all around a deck of cards theme. So:

Club - Classic
Jack - Guilty Pleasure track
Diamond Geezer - Male Vocalist
Queen - Female Vocalist
Hearts - Love Song
King - Latest Discovery
Spade - Hidden Treasure
Ace - All time Classic
Joker - Track from your youth

Picking the tracks

Picking the tracks was hard! Only 9 tracks! There were ones that were definitely going in and others I wanted to get in. Some didn't make the cut and there was one cut live on the program! Anyway we got down to those 9 in the end and the tracks are listed below!

Sixteen Ellie Goulding

Club Classic

Sixteen by Ellie Goulding

The Leaving song by Cara Dillon


The Leaving song by Cara Dillon

Hold on Letting Go Ross Copperman


Hold on Letting go by Ross Copperman

Magic to do Pippin


Magic to do from Pippin

Come what may Moulin Rouge


Come what may from Moulin Rouge

Fix You by Coldplay


Fix you by Coldplay

Feeling a Moment Feeder

Diamond Geezer

Feeling a Moment by Feeder

Together for Ever Nina Nesbitt


Together forever by Nina Nesbitt

Gas man cometh by Flanders and Swan


The Gas Man Cometh by Flanders and Swan

Listen to the show!

I've listed the tracks above but why did I pick them? You'll have to listen to the show for this bit. However some of them are proper good reasons! You can listen to the show on the Mixcloud link below. Hope you enjoy it!



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