Route 66 Tips and Tricks

Planning your Route 66 trip can appear quite daunting. It's travelling across one of the biggest land masses on Earth. You'll find my post coming soon about the best things to do and see but Route 66 isn't all about that. To get the most out of the trip and make sure that you firstly don't miss anything and also you are as fully prepared as you can be I've pulled a number of hints and tips together to try and make your trip more enjoyable.  This isn't a you must do this or you must do that those posts are elsewhere on the site, but this is a post about the tips and tricks that might make your whole…
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Crowne Plaza Glasgow SEC

After a short xmas break I was back on the road again! In the first few weeks of 2017 a short hop from Stansted with easyjet took me to Glasgow for an industry conference and exhibition. Given the conference was at the SEC there is really not a better place than the Crowne Plaza. Situated literally 2 minuets from the doors (or if you can work out the internal network of passages you don’t even have to go outside!) This modern, clean business focused hotel is a great place to stay. Not having stayed at a Crowne Plaza in a while I found the booking process on the website to be fast and efficient and this was continued to the standard…
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