Why You Need A Winter Break

Why you need a winter break

The Break Away

There is nothing like booking a break away for yourself or for your friends. You can gather all of your friends together and get on a plane and just blow off steam for a few days and one of the most luxurious ways to do this is with a winter break. Winter is a season that we often wrap up warm in, so why not wrap up warm and get out in the winter sunshine and snow for a change? There is nothing wrong with ramping up the adrenaline on the mountains on a snowboard, or snowshoeing across the landscape before a night in front of the fire.

Winter breaks have just as much to offer as summer breaks, and if you want to get away once lockdown is over, a winter break could be everything that you need. Sure, take the summer sunshine and the white sugar beaches, but while you're lounging and soaking up the hot rays, learn more about winter breaks and what you could be doing while you're away in the snow. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best reasons you should be booking a winter break with your friends this year!

The First Snow

There is nothing quite like the first snowfall when you visit somewhere new. Sitting up on the ski lift and seeing the snow gently begin to fall and you get to go down on fresh powder? That's an experience that you cannot replicate with anything else. The first snowfall in a remote location also allows you to see all the little animal prints in the snow and try to guess which animals they belong to. It's so exciting to witness the first fall, especially if you're cosied up in a cabin in the mountains when it happens!

girl in lakeside pool

Improved Mood

Getting on the plane and knowing that when you touch down, you're about to have a holiday of a lifetime? That's all part of the excitement. You can blow away the cobwebs and get into the fresh air, and it makes all the difference to your mood and how your stress levels are. You can get rid of the bucket and spade beaches and instead, enjoy thick gloves and hats and snowball fights til your heart's content! You will enjoy an entirely new side to being on holiday - because the colder temperatures offer you something completely new and different.

Cosy Up

Board games and hot mulled wines in log cabins? These are two things that will change your life. When you are out in the world and reconnecting with nature, you're going to feel just how much you needed this break. You can get a cabin with a hot tub and truly change your own future. The world looks so different with a blanket of snow, and outdoor barbecues and log burners are exactly what you need to really up your comfort game.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs. We mentioned these, but we're doing it again! Sitting outside in the snow? Not so comfortable. Sitting in the cool air while hot bubbles are around you? Now that's epic. You can dive in with friends and sit together, enjoying the warmth with the cold air on your faces. If you're feeling brave, sit in the snow afterwards! You will see the view of snow-capped mountains and stars from your hot tub. And that's everything.



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